Phinney - inspiring people to take the first step towards their new home.
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Phinney Real Estate is a well-established leader in the Ontario real estate market, having grown from one to three offices over 36 successful years. They partnered with Article to completely redesign their brand and website experience.
The new website needed to be clean, modern, and user-friendly; focusing on increasing leads and revenue for the business. The goal was to have prospective buyers and sellers leave the site with a clear sense of the Phinney values and services offered and to be drawn in by the honest, and down-to-earth, tone of voice, as well as the overall feeling of luxury and experience.
The goals and objectives for this project were
Lead Generation - Prospective clients taking the first step and getting in touch via phone, email, or live chat
Design & Communication - Rebrand as more sophisticated & high-end, while also retaining a sense of inclusiveness. Inform clients of the Phinney real estate legacy & success story. Simplify the website so it is clear and easily navigated by all users
Retention - Newsletter signups and social media followers
Agency - Article
Interface design
Art direction
Visual design